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High Temperature Resistant Methyl Silicon Resin  
dioxo piperazine carbonyl chloride  
1-(Mercaptomethyl)-cyclopropaneacetic acid  

Zhejiang HuTu PharmChem Co., Ltd. was originated in 2000, specialized in development, manufacture and marketing of HUTU brand series products including Pharmaceutical Intermediates and Fine Chemicals, located in the western Zhejiang Province.

In 2013, we invested and bulit a new plant in Quzhou National High and New Technology Industrial Development Zone which specialized in expand of our products, located in the intersection of the G60 and the G3 highway. The traffic here is pretty convenient as HuKun national high-speed railway through from west to east, and the port of Shanghai and Ningbo is very near.

In 2003, we obtained the certificate of ISO9001:2000. In 2015, we promoted implementing ICH Q7A as new quality management system, which passed QA audits by many famous pharmaceutical companies in the world.

"Surviving on Quality and Developing with Sincerity", HUTU people always insist on the management philosophy. We are provding high quality products of HUTU brand series for our clients all overy the world consecutively.

Home   |   About us   |   Culture   |   Show Info   |   Products   |   Quality   |   Career   |   Order   |   Contact us   |   Chinese
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